Friday, February 15, 2013

The hubris of youth (#1477)

The energy that is displayed by ones still young is admirable. As these young ones come to maturity it is as if they, like me when I was young, have most all the problems of our world figured out. They see what is before them and solutions are as obvious as the night is followed by the day. If we could all stay in that moment where life is not some chaotic puzzle with missing pieces, but instead is bountiful and opportune. I sometimes wonder if the hubris I felt as a youth is not still within me but mellowed some with the trials and tribulations life has otherwise brought to my feet. But I know that the world in essence is simple and the way we do things here on our planet need to be simplified in ways that can only bring us a better human society. The clarity of simple solutions that are correspondingly linked with the power and force of the well-intentioned hubristic mind can be an awesome process to behold. I have met a few in my younger life who had such will and determination to succeed at noble intentions that instead of rallying behind them I took the course of envy and obstruction. I suppose what I didn't know was how short time is for all of us and that there are few who are born into our world who have passionate visions of our lives and the willpower to try to change for the better our very same lives. I am older now and in some way I hope to be able to let you learn from what I didn't do. The hubris of youth is not a competitive behavior to be battled against, rather it is to be admired and encouraged as long as it's intent is as solid as the honorable principles it rises from.

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