Monday, February 25, 2013

The need to be right (#1487)

What is it that makes most of us feel like we need to be right? Is it a validation of our reasoning abilities? Is it our desire to one-up others as a form of proving our own individual enlightened being? It is always important to be right about anything we advocate for but when we do advocate we have to be able to logically explain our method for knowing we are right. Just saying we are right is not proof, it is opinion. This is why logic is so important. We can follow each premise of the given conclusion to find out if the premises are true. If one of the premises is not true then the whole conclusion is flawed. So when advocating an argument for a conclusion, the proof of it has to be valid. Otherwise we are not diligent in our advocacy. So much of this non-diligence is the normal for today's proponents of policy. The few who actually spell out their claims with correct premises are being drowned out by those who don't bother with the minutiae of the facts but instead play on the fears of those who wish no change to the fears they already understand. That logic has taken a back seat to demagoguery is disappointing at best. Our society has many problems that need solving yet the ones who are not interested in solving problems are the very same ones who use fear to prevent logic from ruling our decisions. They choose to instead dismiss rational thought in order to keep some form of power or wealth that would in their eyes change for them if logic ruled the day instead of the current success they have with utilizing fear. It is a sad state of affairs in our current history that the idea of proving oneself correct is not the principle ideal in establishing the truth of a thing.

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