Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The thieves who steal our hope (#1488)

Whack-a-mole. That is what it seems like when some of us try to claim the natural right we are all born with. It seems that we have among us those who would deny nature it's due because they have different ideas about rights. Some perverted distorted concept has infected their reason and like the drones they appear to emulate, they go about their duty to secure for themselves that which they would deny to everyone else. As those of us who wish to see universal rights for all, on the same equitable scale, rise up and speak to the truth of it, we are subjectively dismissed or forced into positions of fear by those who would take no alternative than their own. Their mantra is survival of the fittest with a lie about equality. Simple but effective in this disinformation era we currently reside. The problem is that they, which is a bit of an uneasy alliance they have aligned toward, are continuing to consolidate their will and power over those left of us who would shout out at them for their brutish inhumanity. Long ago they sold their souls to the cynical non-attribute of not caring. They have only one altar they worship upon and it is not laden with benevolence. So those of us, large and small of voice and social/political stature continue to rail against them with as little or much might as we can. This existence is ours not just theirs and until the "arc of justice" bends completely back to all of us then the hope we still have for a better world will have to be enough fuel for us to fight with. They truly are thieves in that they have traded virtuous honor for the eventual shame of disgrace and dishonor.

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