Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wisdom is earned (#1476)

Age is not the precursor to being wise. Living wisely gives us the opportunity to become wise. What worked for me as a youth is not the same in most respects as an example of what the youth of today should employ. Many think that since some have attained a certain age that they are by default wise human beings. For some that is true but for most it is not. It is not the time you have spent on this planet that defines wisdom, on the contrary, it is how we have lived in honorable principles that does. That is the key, honorable principles. The more we are in them the more likely they will become a living part of who we are. I say that compassion and curiosity are the two main human traits of instinct, yet if we do not live these traits we are less than who we are at any age. Those that have manipulated time and space for themselves are far less likely to know the value of honorable principle and regardless of their age should not be the source for wisdom seekers. Unless of course taking their advice in the opposite is a challenge one assumes to trust. Wisdom is knowing how the simple situations in life affect the more complex scenarios we find ourselves surrounded with. A lot of wisdom comes from trial and error and those who have this experience are well on their way to become wise souls, but only if they have learned the lessons of their successes and failures. The objective mind is also a subset ingredient in the overall conception of wisdom. If we cannot allow ourselves to put beneath us all of our prejudices and biases then we will not be able to truly capture the meaning of the advice being sought. We will all be called upon to offer our thoughts on life's little gambits, how well we endure to conform to honorable principles as their baseline will be the final verdict in our knowing whether we are as wise as we hope we are.

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