Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A life without fear (#1510)

I get glimpses of a life without fear more and more these days, probably because I am getting older and the point of being afraid becomes less necessary. I say that because all of us want to live out our lives fully without needlessly putting ourselves into mortal danger while we are just starting out our lives. That kind of fear is normal and rational because for one our survival instinct is at it's highest sensitivity when we are still more innocent to the world then when we get older; and secondly being that our curious natures have not had enough time to absorb what our existence is in a real sense, we need more time when we are young to be able to understand more of it. It is a shame that we are not a conditioned society that seeks to calm fears about our futures instead of heightening them. We make each other compete in order to satisfy some justification for our existence and we also create scenarios where deadly force is the end product. It is our primitive past that we are having are hard time evolving from that is our current dilemma but I have hope that in no more than a few more generations we will overcome our need to make ourselves struggle as the rule instead of the exception. It is beginning to happen with new laws aimed at inclusion, equality and fairness but it is just a beginning and still much more work needs to be done. Our children and their children need not have to suffer like those of us and our ancestors had to because they and we didn't know we had the power to change the paradigms of society that give birth to fear and it's manifestations.

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