Thursday, March 21, 2013

Basic necessities should be free (#1511)

That we can't figure out how to structure our society so that no one goes hungry, or goes without shelter and without clothing is ridiculous. This is the responsibility of government and that is one of the jobs government must do. I am sick and tired of hearing about the need for individualism, especially in a world that discriminates and treats most of it's humans unfairly. The absolute greed and selfishness we allow ourselves to wallow in is the greatest shame we endure each day. The lack of common sense in our policies only speaks to the power that would segregate us from each other as a rule. The idea that some of us are better than others is insane and reflects our most base compromises with being lesser entities. How any of us can look ourselves in the mirror and say that we are a shining example of how one tries to be the best human they can be must be almost impossible given the direction our society is going. I am utterly and forever ashamed of us humans and I am no great example. Yet here I am telling you that most of us are worse than me! When we allowed the cynicism of selfishness to become our ordinary instead of our vanquished we sold the best part of what a human can be. And in that selling, we have forgotten just how good life can be when we are the better of our natures instead of the dismissal of them. Life will always be about choosing. Which choice we make is directly reflective of how we see the world and our futures. Make your choice based upon what should be and not what you have resigned yourself to accept.

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