Thursday, March 28, 2013

Curiosity killed myth (#1518)

Wanting to know will always be who we are as humans. It is our destiny to know that which we don't know. As beings with a rational mind, we can do nothing less than discover for it is the nature of our senses to receive information and then analyze and conclude. We are data processors in human form. Despite all the emotion that comes with us being human the fact that we are curious in our nature is indisputable. Therefore, any attempt to blunt or negate our curiosity is a fool's errand. Not that we aren't fools mind you. History has shown we are just as stubborn about keeping our fears at arm's length even if it means we must suspend our curiosity for something that brings us comfort. That we have fear associated with our curiosity is unfortunate but certainly true, however fear is only an opportunity waiting to be conquered. What we often fail to realize is that living life to the fullest within our senses is the most rewarding aspect of being alive. Thus conquering fear is at that heightened level when we dare to allow our curious natures to lead and not our fears. It is incredible the opportunity we have as humans to establish our own destinies with only problems to solve and not impossibilities to endure as dead ends. We as humans achieve new concepts from the previously unknown simply because we are not restricted by our desire and will to do so. We are the masters of our destinies and not allowing ourselves the boldness and courage to do so is reflective of our own personal choice, not of whether it is possible. 

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