Sunday, March 24, 2013

Drawing a blank (#1514)

There are lots of things to write about and I have a few things on my mind but nothing that reaches out and grabs me as particularly focused. I feel like a mush of things. I suppose that in itself is worthy of being discussed and maybe it is just because I am tired and forcing myself to write during this time period. But I will press on with the hope that by the time that I finish here something of some value will emerge. Often when I draw a blank I just pause for awhile and meditate on anything or nothing. Most every time it does the trick and something that matters to me comes rushing to the forefront of my mind. However I am still not getting anything yet and so on I type about being nowhere. lol. I just talked to my mother a bit ago about her and dad being awakened last night with what they thought was a gas smell, having called PG&E and finding out it was a skunk release instead, they had settled back in and went back to sleep. But not before having to dress and wait outside until the PG&E serviceman confirmed for them what the smell was. Always better safe than sorry and in this case they both did the right thing. Regardless of how a false alarm may make one feel foolish the alternative is always much worse. Well nothing is coming to me yet so it seems that being safe than sorry is the theme for the day and for that I am grateful. This is a short post today but after doing this for over four years now a short post once in awhile is not so bad. Have a great day everyone :)

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