Sunday, March 17, 2013

Respect, not privileges and deserves (#1507)

The era of one man enslaving another to do his bidding is the worst of our limited history and needs to be relegated to the past in all it's unequal forms. A new era where we are all given the same opportunities to have fulfilling lives is upon us but we must seize it lest it fade from us. The old paradigms of people being used as property has it's defenders but only because they have some advantage, or shall I say, privilege or deserve, in it's continuance. As an individual who takes no back seat to anyone else, I will in my way defend the rights of all individuals to have equality of opportunity even if it means standing in defiance of those who work against equality of opportunity. Within my human nature is the best of what we humans can be and so it is with all the rest of us, the difference here is that I choose to implement mine as an honorable feature in action while many of others choose to hide theirs behind their own fears. Privileges and deserves are a manifestation of some due to one or more simply because they deem it so from their own understandings. An ego based assumption about one's own personal worth being greater than another's. The days of rank and class in a civil society bent toward enlightened thinking is counter intuitive. Those who wish positions of power and authority in a society need to be humbled by the idea to serve their fellow citizens, not empowered to see oneself as greater than another. We are at our transformational period between the old paradigm and a new one and how long we take to move ourselves forward will be indicative as to whether we can do it at all. For the longer it takes the harder it gets, so the push to move forward is at hand and in all our interests, including our future generations.

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