Thursday, July 18, 2013

Intolerance festers fear! (#1630)

When we fail to respect our differences we begin our own demise. Everything in this existence happens in a vacuum. One large giant vacuum called our Universe. So nothing happens on it's own without causing another reaction because if it. So on it goes with the physical nature of our existence. So when we deny the fact of our existence within the totality of everything, we are diminishing our ability to live in harmony with everything. That brings about fear and fear is the general disruption of attaining peace. I cannot judge you through the lens of prejudice or bias if I am an honest soul. I can judge your actions and statements but not your existence. My existence is no different than anyone else's so we all have that respect due. From there we find out how we survive together by our words and actions. If my initial act or thought is to separate myself from others due to a fear or an intolerant concept then I am the sole party to fear dominating my life. There are times when, because of our broken society, caution is wise, but not intolerance as caution. I know the difference between an act of intolerance and an act of apprehension or trepidation. In my mind I differentiate the facts of my choices and in my mind I create the solutions that allow me to proceed. In the past, the act of intolerance was illogically ameliorated in my mind as a mechanism to keep me from being under the tremendous weight of the guilt associated with my bias or prejudice and instead eventually exacerbated my fear. I know these scenarios because I have lived them and for me moving past the indignities of fear and it's malignancies has been a tremendous boost to the clarity and focus of my well being going forward.

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