Saturday, July 20, 2013

Life from my soul (#1632)

Everything about me comes from within me, at least that is my goal. I know that outside influences are constantly battering my senses in order to assuage me to other thoughts and actions but I must for the sake of my own sanity rebuff those things that are not "right" with my soul. I say sanity because I have been close to losing my true perspective of life from the moment I first became conscious. If I don't keep my mind clear and focused on the reality of life in front of me I can easily be swayed toward understandings that are not wholly based in reality. I have been there before and put my trust in others because I was too lazy and arrogant to do my own realizations on the circumstances that I cared little for. I allowed myself a smug sense of satisfaction of taking what others said was true and amplifying it out as my own. Like all things involved with taking shortcuts or through one form or another of plagiarism, I paid a price to my respectability from others and to my own accountability to reality. Now I take a measured approach as an attempt to keep myself within the paradigm of being an honest broker when the complexities are such that no perfectly correct answer is available. My core demands that I pause in the face of the unknown and analyze the very next step I take. I don't always step correctly but I am aware of why I stepped and whether my action aligns with my best intention. Nothing on this planet will ever take from me my free will to decide how to follow my best instincts about what serves as my present existence within the troubled times we live.

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