Monday, July 15, 2013

Moral rectitude (#1627)

"Of good conscience". Where do we find our idea of morality? For me it is everywhere, philosophy, psychology, sociology, religion etc.... I take from what I learn and combine what is right to make my own idea come to life for me. I do the same with most things. I take the best and combine them. I don't have to take the garbage with the perfect. We are all individual thinking beings who don't have to be cookie cut in mass to be able to understand life. We instead have to be unique and allow our uniqueness to flourish despite any others who have more to say about us then they do about themselves. We truly are the masters of our lives and as such we should be aware that our lives do not last very long. Taking the time to grab what is good and great in life and apply it to our own lives is wise and comforting. My life should have happiness in it, my life should have peace in it and my life should have value to be expressed in my living of it. I am not beholden to others for their understandings, I am beholden to me and my understandings of what is a good and purposeful life. My moral rectitude is strong and powerful enough to sustain me when it is tested. I can lean on my understanding of what is good and right for me and for all of us as well. I am not one who believes in being a separated island, I am one who believes that we are all islands linked together in a most positive way and for that I am fulfilled in my purpose and desire to find the best of who I can be as well as the best of who I hope to be in and among all of us.

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