Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Never forgetting my weaknesses (#1629)

I will say this with every ounce of earnestness I have in my soul, I absolutely respect my weaknesses as the real enemy to my well being. I have tried recognizing them and using mind over matter to conquer them and banish them from my life but what I have learned is that I forget over time just how destructive certain behaviors are and then they sneak back into my life and cause even more damage to my well being. No amount of ego has helped in the past so the time for that type of process has come to an end. Now I apply a daily attitude adjustment to my thinking that reminds me of just how vulnerable I am to the pitfalls of forgetting what is the real danger for my life. I am like all others, there are things that can knock me off the path of being the most conscientious person I can be and the path for my life journey. I have and will continue to stay on the path that suits me most but not without keeping my guard up against the wily temptations that surely continue to assault my decision. I had to change my life to suit who I want to be and with that have been some costs. I can no longer freely enjoy life like I did in the past with little to no concern for the consequences to myself and others. I have responsibility today to myself that transcends just me and reaches out to more than myself. I love that I do that now instead of only satisfying my own whims. I no longer fear as much as I did when I was younger so that allows me to slow down and do the things that I respect as much as others of good like mind. 

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