Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Psychological warfare or is it welfare? (#1636)

I do daily battle in defense of myself from the old behaviors I am moving past, but is it a battle I do or is it a life I know live in order to keep myself in good mental and physical condition? I may be splitting hairs here metaphorically but it is an interesting thought that has me contemplating it. My new behavior is to protect me from old behavior and that is how we should all go about progressing through our lives. It isn't so much a battle, not quite, since it does not have an enemy per se but instead my new behavior only replaces the old. As more time passes in my applying new and better behavior to my life it becomes more automatic for me and less a consideration of necessity. I just do actions differently not only in my movements but in the thoughts that proceed the movements. Today I celebrate another milestone in the changing of myself into a being of far more communal note than the person I was previously whom I only compared myself to what I wanted and how I could get it. I live a behavior now that has some excellence to it that has benefits to those outside of me who at times come into my sphere. I am no saintly person nor am I no exception to the rule, I am just someone now who cares less about just satisfying my own desires and more about the greater good for all of us who exist and who will exist. By changing my behavior I am not just defending myself from the old behavior that is always challenging me to come back toward it but I am living a life that generally uplifts my welfare to a place I had not previously hoped to attain.

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