Sunday, July 28, 2013

Reason does not exist for some folks (#1640)

"The true critic is a scrupulous avoider of formulae; he refrains from statements which pretend to be literally true; he finds facts nowhere and approximation always."-T. S. Elliot. For these folks the intellectual revolution was less informative than tragic. It only confuses most people from the truth of a belief system than any logic could ever produce. At least these critics would have us believe. What is so surprising is that too many critics of logic and actual common sense are allowed to control much of our society through political representation and the power that wealth can buy. I will never surrender to a paradigm of governing that relents on the ideal of progressive intellectualism. Your, and my nature and all of history point toward our species advancing through time and space so when the critics of our society bellicose their objection to the lessening of pain, suffering and the disrespect and humiliation those situations bring about, I myself come up stalwart to proclaim their intent and bulwark my defenses against their lack of empathy and clarity of vision. I have also found that using reason to attempt to debate their propositions is useless solely for the reason T. S. so succinctly elucidated. An inevitability of consternation has been my conclusion as to understanding their lack of focus on any issue for more than the time it takes for them to evade answering a legitimate question. They don't think and speak in reality, instead they think and speak from the moment without the moment having any strings to the past, present and future through connection. Suffer the fools who are too unimaginative to realize that fools only lead fools to foolery.

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