Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Solutions over blame (#1643)

It wasn't me, I didn't do it! The usual response from those who have no clue as to how to try to fix a problem. They spend their time telling you who made the problem without ever telling you how they would fix it. Well, they will say that there is nothing to be done and leave it at that. But doing nothing and hoping time and space will solve a problem is a cop out. I suppose having no imagination to create solutions is the problem but how do we get people with imagination to be leaders in our country? There are some and I appreciate them dearly but most of our leaders are clueless and are only in positions of leadership due to ego and/or allegiance to more nefarious causes. It is common now in our society to have some run for election on platforms or promises that they abandon as soon as they are elected. This is a sad state of affairs when we cannot tell the liars from the honest persons. However we must be more circumspect into who is offering promises by aligning those promises with other factors like how have they had acted and spoken in the past and who is their more active donor base. The liars would be easy enough to uncover since to get elected to a high ranking office nowadays one must have some public/private background that can be accessed readily. It is whether we believe or not some story they may try to spin about having a change of heart. I doubt most who have had such "revelations" since there is little track record to prove it and taking a political figure's word for something that is so important as our representation is not to be done without an abundance of evidence proving their claim to change. 

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