Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Something to live for (#1642)

We all need some form of motivation besides fear of dying to help push us through our lives. Some great hope or desire to journey towards to keep us happy. When the founders of our country established the idea that "...the pursuit of happiness." was an essential component in declaring our independence from foreign rule, they foresaw that we all need to have something worthy to occupy ourselves. Nothing has changed over the years in this idea and furthermore it's importance is even more a priority. There are so many of us now occupying a smaller defined space that often our hopes and dreams must reconcile limits that blunt their possibilities. So instead of having many hopes and dreams to pursue I have found that focusing on fewer more attainable goals are more satisfying and just as motivating, regardless of whether I attain them. It has and will always be about the journey toward them that is where most all the living takes place and the living of my life and it's small steps forward that bring me another day of pursuing my happiness. Being pragmatic about life helps to keep me in the right perspective since there are no simple solutions or easy conquests of mind over matter. Yet despite the inevitable failures I confront, my pragmatism has helped to strengthen my resolve instead of discouraging it. I know that life is hard and very few things should come easy if it has value. The greatest exception to this is love, which is something one cannot buy but must be freely given. 

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