Monday, July 22, 2013

The illusion of birthplace (#1634)

It would seem that too many people believe somehow that being born into a more advanced society equates them with being special or privileged in some way. A thought process that has no basis in reality but nonetheless many feel a sense of privilege because they were born into a more affluent situation than the many others who are born into poorer ones. Like somehow the God(s) have ordained our specialness merely by placing our births in families or communities where advantage is the normal. As an American I am humbled by my fortunate birthplace here. Although our country is far from ideal it is far enough ahead of other places on our planet that offer far less opportunity and equality. However, the act of being born is not some calculated equation that we can point to in order to confirm we are better humans than others, on the contrary, it is more chaotic in nature than ordered. So when too many of us never come to terms with our advantages, at the beginning of life and then later down the road, we begin to assimilate some concept of irrationality that allows us to believe we were born where we were by destiny and that we are more rightly due our lives than others. I can see where many think they are a Demigod by the outlook and behavior they choose to display. Forgetting or never learning that we are all human and that no matter where on this planet we are born, we are still all the same.

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