Tuesday, July 16, 2013

We need to find our wavelength (#1628)

Whenever I find myself sort of floating in no space, metaphorically, I turn on some music in order to find my center again. Yes, occasionally I use music to tune myself back in. It is the vibrations of the sounds that seem to do the trick. Maybe it is just me and my continual love for music that works for me but it does and for that I am fortunate to have discovered it. Actually it was by default since I had nothing else to do but to go to something that pleases me when I didn't know where else to go. I am no wise old owl just a man who knows enough about himself and by extension others, to understand that we need harmony in our lives in more ways than one. Vibrations are the vessels of sound and through those vibrations my reset takes place. Almost like a reboot for my computer-like mind and body. Understandably since all of us are individual data recorders, using our 5 senses to acquire information and our minds to process it and then our bodies to act upon it. Notwithstanding our common sense and intuition as wild cards in the experience of life. So it is no great wonder that occasionally a re-charge is in order. For me it is definitely music and I expect for many others as well it is the same. I have more than one wavelength that inspires me to be refreshed and that is helpful as well. I don't count on just on genre of music, I enjoy many different instruments and their differing wavelengths. This will be an odd little post but it does help to explain the connection I have with the Universe I inhabit and the sounds and impressions it leaves on me.

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