Saturday, August 31, 2013

The scientific method (#1674)

No longer can the forces of myth, superstition and custom rule the day to day logic we now utilize. From our recent past we see that those same forces of our folklore are losing their appeal for our understanding as it currently exists. The scientific method has grown sturdy roots in the fallow ground of our minds and that is how it should be. We need no omnipotent control in order to find purpose or destiny for our lives. We can seek out new and unknowable things with the power we already possess. Our five senses, logic, intuition and common sense help us to get to facts of truths or even to get to an understanding of how to approach the new and unknowable, without having to filter through some antiquity. No longer are we constricted by man-made dogma, instilled to stifle our actions instead of inspire them. There is a role for the customs, superstitions and myths of our past but only as a just another possibility for us to investigate. As in all things investigation is a tremendous tool in the scientific method. We must continue to add to our knowings by remembering the influence of enlightened, courageous exploration. Our time is just beginning in the reign of our known Universe and treating our exalted status with humility and respect is the proper and wise avenue to follow. It is also our right and duty to investigate with all the imagination we can muster as long as that imagination is properly vetted through logic and for allowing for what we don't know. I would never say a perfect understanding exists in that my mind is not yet capable of knowing all things imperfect. Now that is the scientific method.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Saving face (#1673)

This is a tough one. usually it requires us to admit we made a mistake and then pay a debt of some sort as a penance for our error. The example of our criminal justice notwithstanding, is somewhat a primary example. But for most of us it is more about our choices of intellectual reasoning, whether valid or not, that has us in difficulty at times. I am not so bad with admitting mistakes since I have had lots of practice. lol. However, having admitted to my many mistakes has given me a wisdom about things that has allowed me to make less mistakes as my life has moved along and although I do not recommend the trial and error method as the greatest learning tool it can be an effective one if one actually outlasts the many lessons. We are human and although we are all gifted with some measure of ego, some of us are so egoistic that even the idea of admitting a mistake is seen as a weakness and not to be acknowledged. So here is where I am with this subject, those who are philosophically incapable of admitting to any error in action and or judgement. What this does to us is allow for a nonsense to permeate our culture among some heavy weight power and political figures. This as well leaves the rest of us who are of a common sense and logic to see the truth of a thing with a lingering consensus among those who are not that we are wrong somehow. Despite our best efforts to argue facts with facts we are up against a stubbornness of philosophy that cannot allow for truth regardless of it's fact. That saving face is an option and one we should all allow to those who are willing, there are still those who would not broach it as a duty to some imaginary illogical conception.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Your actions reveal your character (#1672)

Not always the case especially with young folks who are full of hubris and still trying to figure life out but with older folks this is a sure fire way of understanding how people view the world. We are mostly a mixed bag of good and bad behaviors which makes none of us perfect nor purely bad. What we are though is responsible for our actions. We must think about what we are going to do otherwise we are not acting with a full comprehension of what our act will define. There are two primary choices we can make, first the act to commit to something or secondly not to commit to something. Commission and omission, are our responses to the stimuli around us. When we commit to something we are judged by our decision and it's logic, which is naturally right because most of the time our intent is rational and good. When we choose to omit any action on stimuli is when we are open to interpretation by others for our inaction. Less a reasonable excuse for not doing something the obvious answer is that we care little about the stimuli being experienced. As a strategy of self-survival in the conscious world we often don't speak or act our mind in hopes of not revealing that our intentions are less than honorable and more to the point, without virtue. The revealing of our character is brought about by our responses to the stimuli around us and no amount of words or deflective strategy will undo the reality we all choose. We may feign ignorance to our action or inaction but when viewed by the outside observer when we choose to be less than equal, less than just and less than respectful, our strategy of ignorance only reflects back on us.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Clinging to destructive practices (#1671)

I suppose the logic of those who would not change destructive practices goes something like this; "the evil you know is better than the possible evil you don't know". Fear is a mighty weapon of those who would not change. What those who are afraid don't understand is that change is the dynamic we are all about, so being afraid of who you are is anti-human. As time is our proof that change is constant many of us somehow ignore this to the detriment of those of us who don't. Let me be very clear here, we are all in this together. We live on the same planet in the same dimensional reality and we all share in the evolution of our history. None of us is purely only an individual, we are all by-products of those who came before us. Yet many choose to ignore so much of reality and try to force the rest of us to accept their flawed thinking as wisdom. I am frustrated to no end in sight by those scared individuals who anchor themselves to not changing as a way forward into our future. Fear is the culprit and them allowing fear to rule their thinking is perplexing. The gift of life is not eternal, we all have limited time to express ourselves as humans and to not being human is deplorable. Humans advance into the unknown with courage and boldness because we have the belief that our natures of caring and curiosity are worthy of growth throughout the Universe. We are a formidable species whose era has just begun and for us to be held back by those who are gripped in fear is presently our shame.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Giving up the ghosts (#1670)

If we could all just be honest with each other just how much better would our lives be? I know how hard it is to be honest all the time since I have been taken advantage of it by others who were not honest in return. It sort of makes us put up walls from each other so that when we do find people we can be honest with we can't seem to find a way to get there. I have found that by simplifying my life I am able to break down those walls of protection that I have built and slowly show the truth of myself. It is not easy and through fits and starts I am moving closer to being an honest man most all the time. Discretion is always valorous but not to the defeat by fear. I do believe in the saying of "do no harm" and when my truths cross the line into harm for others I reserve my right to either omit the truth in a way that does not influence anything or everything in a harmful way or I just confront the truth from another angle in order to expose it in the least harmful way. However I cannot get to the truth of things or myself unless I am an open minded soul. I have to be objective and dispel any prejudices or bias' that I may bring into the moment. I cannot assume or expect anything beyond what is real nor can I dismiss the idea that reality holds all the answers. Truly an open mind is devoid of ghosts from the past and only has a minds eye toward understanding whatever factors are involved. I know I have reasoning and logic and with those two mental tools I can and will justify my calculations about life around me as circumstantially possible. Never for sure and only in simple form but surely a truth toward an answer.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Aspiration defeats adversity (#1669)

We are all the "good guys/gals" and as such we are expected to stand in the face of adversity whenever it crosses our path. Adversity is to be given a respectful pause for what it is but not allowed any further wastage of our time. We are a species about solutions and we are well equipped with natural and intellectual tools to overcome any adversity that may form. Certainly we are able to overcome any adversity, even the loss of our most precious ones although it is a tough overcome. We endure, that is the hallmark of our species and to endure we must conquer any and all obstacles before our path. We do it with our determination and our emotional reserve. Truly what doesn't kill us makes us stronger is an old saw that has the validity to it that underscores our species's resilience. We have all suffered loss of heartbreaking proportions, we have all been subjugated to unfairness to extreme degrees and we have all been confused about our purpose here in existence. Yet we endure and although some of us cannot endure and for that we are all emotionally, mortally wounded, most all of us do endure. We even harm each other for reasons that history will show as petty and shortsighted. Yet we will endure and in our enduring we will become stronger for it. There are better ways for us to become better in not only our natures but our outlooks. Those who wield the levers of power and control in our past and present society lack the leadership to force the change from the stick to the carrot. We are a vindictive reflecting species too much of the time instead of being the nurturing species we inherently are. Despite the lack of vision from those who could change our society we humans will continue to aspire and in some future time we will eventually overcome natural and man-made adversity.  

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Redeeming our virtue (#1668)

None of us get a pass on standing up for what is honorable and good. We must be held accountable for our commissions as well as our omissions. I see that as our problem here in america. We elect those who reflect our viewpoints but many of our viewpoints are narrowed. Not all of us are but too many of us. A lesson in what virtue represents would go far in how we must address our futures. We are not tied to the past and it's paradigms of less than greatly effective policies. We are new to this existence and come into it with old restrictions placed here by older thinking not as modern as we are. Certainly we need boundaries for our living behaviors but not for our equality, justice and fairness. If all are held to the same standard then all are equal to pursue unlimited happiness without causing harm. It is the degree of how we live that separates us not any condition that segregates. We need to be motivated to advance in life with the work of our own soul and not suppressed or excused from it. We have to have a respect toward others who live their life causing no harm so that we can appreciate the fruits of their efforts. Too much of the old way of doing things based upon status's has to be abolished and a new paradigm of degree to which on finds happiness must replace it. Merit is the key and no one should have anything that advantages them over others in any unfair way. Not all are born to be same so we have diversity of vision and allowing for all of us to have the opportunity to express that diversity of vision is our challenge. We have the ability to change reality but only if we want to have a better life.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Never losing my core (#1667)

I am a human which I mean to say is that I am vulnerable to frailty. As strong as I might tell myself that I am there is always some little space within me that needs protection. I wish I were perfect in claiming my right to exist as unshakable but I know that I am not. There are forces in life that come to bear especially on those who are innocently trapped into their sphere. Like a spider who has set a trap for all who may come into it's lair. So despite the best intent of our efforts, the whirligig of chaos matches up those who are better served through principled virtue with those who fight against anything that may detract from their advantages. That fairness is a stake is no matter to those who only wish fairness and more for themselves and nothing near fairness for others. A vicious cycle of some who will greater regard over others. Such is how some of us if not all of us find ourselves, burdened by the weight of those who profit from our fears yet debase our actual harms when those fears are realized. This institutionalized cancer of thought that permeates our culture has it's roots in the innocence of society. We are taught to weigh statistics as a primer for determining the outcome of so many things in our lives. We measure each other by standards that prevail for some but have little to do with reality as individuals. The psyche that allows for deviation from fact to obfuscate responsibility is as dangerous a tool as a clear intent to harm. If we continue to progress as a society with inherently unacceptable practices that demean and debase the best intent of honesty then our society will continue to suffer from an immaturity that steals from our lives in ways that can never be rectified.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Why not? (#1666)

This existence is the way it is despite all of us wanting it to be better. Not that it is overall a hellscape, but the reality is that there is too much wrong that just keeps on going being wrong. So why is it that we are unable to change everything for the better? First, there are institutions set up to retard change without having to go about a slow and struggling process. Second, there are those who defend their advantages so much that combating against them causes many of us real and dangerous harm. Third, we are all not informed enough to understand that when we all get on the same page we can easily overcome the first and second obstacles. This reality has been ours for the making of since time for our species began. We have acquiesced our power to concepts of fear instead of laughing in the face of fear. I know what it was like for me when I was young. I felt that I deserved to live a full life and anyone who would gamble with my safety felt my wrath, yet I was wrong. None of us deserves anything more than another and there are no guarantees that life should exist at all. However, our species has evolved enough for us to understand that the future is where the real promise of a more secure and exciting life exists. What I like to think is that despite our current era of generally not being as informed as we should be, that future is today and beyond. There is enough understanding for even those who are not aware of it, that they too can realize their dreams of their youth. Why can't we have a more perfect existence? All it takes is for everyone to agree that we all deserve the right to try.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

I am defined by what I do (#1665)

My words mean nothing and neither should anyone else's words mean anything either, at least not until they are describing what I have done. That old saying of "my word is my bond" is less true then ever. Witness politics, where deception by the usage of words is a common occurrence. We have to look beyond the words of those who are trying to get something from us, we have to look at their track record and we have to look at who they associate themselves with. The idea of good intentions is less an ideal in practice so we must protect ourselves from those who would rather lie to us than tell us the truth. What kind of existence do we want to live in? We must endeavor to make that vision we have within all of us come to fruition as a duty to our purpose for living. we each have the right and responsibility to advocate and act on the best of our insights. For those insights that are less virtuous and harmful by nature we must let them go and move on to the better and best of who we are. If we allow our conscious to guide us and remember the purity of humility, we can succeed in living a life that reflects back to others the best of examples but we can also utilize our efforts to see who around us is objective, virtuous and principled enough to keep honesty as their highest priority. So many of we humans have taken to short cuts and dishonest approaches as a way to hide our ulterior motives. Sadly we all fall victim to these strategies when we do not stay vigilant to our own vision of a greater and more perfect existence.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Curiosity forces us to learn (#1664)

The state of being curious is a natural one for we humans. We input information like it is air, water and food, we need it to survive. Air, water and food may sustain our biological bodies but we are more than just biological bodies, we also are a reasoning mind. Our minds need sustenance just as surely as our bodies do. Curiosity is the unique feature we humans display as a species that has allowed us to evolve beyond just being a normal animal. Our mind is our engine and we need it to grow. The gathering of information through our sensors, our five senses and maybe intuition as well, found the idea that it is as natural for us to understand as a requirement as it is to satisfy our bodies biological needs. I know for myself I have to know whatever it is that piques my curiosity. I am a servant of my inputted data as surely as anything I know. I exist to learn and understand otherwise I am just grazing on the food sustenance of this planet with no other purpose. So anything that inhibits mine or anyone else's natural instinct to grow in knowledge is an enemy of the human species, regardless of whether they are human or not. Our species demands that we remain true to our instincts of caring about our world around us and our curiosity to understand our world around us. For those who don't get that our species has these obligations to ourselves are devoid of one or the other two natural instincts, caring and wondering. More likely they are devoid of caring since we can identify many within our society who are of a psychopathy lacking in emotion which would indicate no care for the rest of us nor to themselves.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I continue to pay it forward (#1663)

Today is a special day for me but I don't think of it as me being special. I think of it as my reminder that life has been quite a trip for me and it continues to be so. I also think that giving from myself is the proper order of the day in order to show my appreciation of all others have done for me. There is something naturally Karmic about keeping a level of existence that applauds nature and the wonder of our Universe. I don't know how all of it fits together but one thing I "feel" certain about is that it does all fit together. Much like we humans having no natural predator in the animal kingdom anymore yet I feel like there is some unseen and unknown force that still has sovereignty over us. Not so much the religious concept of a God but a spiritual one that transcends our current form. Regardless of that, I am one who senses that what comes around goes around so what I do today will likely enrich or befall my life depending upon how I live my life. I know this is not a hard and fast rule given all the chaos and atrocity that happens to many who deserve none of it, yet deserves has nothing to do with it either. On one level we can control certain aspects of our lives and on another level we are all victims or beneficiaries of serendipity or luck. On the level where I have some control is where I am able to decide how to reflect back to you who I am. I am not one to congratulate myself unless I am being facetious or one who looks to surround myself with glory or treasure. I am more likely to ignore the trappings of allure and instead keep my eye on the reality of the day. Paying my due to the future for the happenstance of my past and present is the best tonic for all that would or could ail me.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Deconstructing America (#1662)

A little more political today in that I see around me policies by Republicans that are intent on reversing progress in our society here in America and around the globe. Instead of sharing and creating wealth for all of our citizenry, Republicans are motivated to concentrate wealth into the hands of a few as a philosophy. They have forgone the notion of community as some bad or evil human endeavor that can have nothing positive to offer that can't be had by creating a master/slave type existence. Somehow the greed and power of being "King of the Hill" has permeated their thoughts and actions to a point of no return. Their idea of lifting those out of poverty is to be disdained and instead a policy of turning their backs on humanity is to be congratulated. Republicans have embraced the idea that "survival of the fittest" is the only solution to society's function. They revel in the idea that "freeloaders and takers" will finally get what they deserve, nothing! That is the problem with them, their view of life here in America is through the lens of their own making, not a true reflection of reality. Yet they have consolidated enough power to force their will upon the rest of us if we are not vigilant in protecting our rights. As a metaphor, Republicans are like those crazy people who move into a house and disconnect the innovations that make the house modern and instead live as if they are in a bunker. They live in fear of everyone else and when and if they can control everyone else is when they think life is as it should be.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

There has to be a maximum cap on individual and corporate wealth (#1661)

There are only so many resources on this planet and when only a few control the outcome of how those resources are allocated the rest of us are inconsequential. When a democratically controlled system has the reins of resources then we all have a chance to have a say in how our planet operates as to social and economic function. When we the people decide policies that affect us all we can then use the common logic of community and opportunity to guide us. What we are currently experiencing is a dwindling of community power and a strengthening of individual and corporate power. Soon if the trends hold we will all be beholden to a a few telling us what our policies will be instead of all of us having a say in the direction of policies. We are in essence giving over our right to decide in whole to assuage the power grab by a few wealthy individuals and entities. Before we hit the point of no return we must all have a moment of understanding that because someone or something that is represented by someone has power and wealth does not give them the right to decide how our democratic society should function. It seems that when souls and entities get great power and wealth they mostly grow a huge ego as well. As if the machinations of unjust economics makes them above and beyond their individual self. Economics is not the rule by which we are measured. We are measured by our best intentions backed by virtue. Money and power are enviable but only if they are justly achieved and justly shared with those whose work helped to create the possibility.  

Saturday, August 17, 2013

The scrutiny of argument (#1660)

What "feels" right is no equivalent of what is right. Now once in a blue moon the two may intersect but that is more to do with statistics than it has to do with some internal guide we may think we possess. Now we all have bullshit meters that readily go off when the absurd is tried to be passed off as the normal, yet even our bullshit meters are no match for just honest logic and common sense. What really all of debate boils down to is who are you and what your principles for living are. Once all things are filtered through who you are and what you represent, you can then begin to be objective about the facts of whatever it is you are advocating. Establishing a baseline of virtue in all your arguments gives you the high ground even before you begin. Let's say you want to argue for equality. You have already begun from a point that is mostly accepted as correct. All you have to do then is to reinforce your argument for equality with some examples of how equality is beneficial for all of humanity and what humanity would be like without it. Most would agree that you will be on the right side of this argument and very little can be offered to rebut your claim. Know how to approach all who would take the side of lesser principled concepts and attack those lesser principled concepts with higher principled ideals. There is always the bigger picture to reference toward so when arguing parts and pieces of policies that inhibit the bigger picture you are already on the side of virtue. I have found that good and honest ideals will win the day against those who would diminish those very same ideals.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Assimilation is our key (#1659)

In the past the color of one's skin often reflected the stature one held in societies throughout the world. There were and still are horrible examples of the color of one's skin being the determining factor in how one is forced to live one's life. Of course our gender roles have the same antiquated problems but for today the color of skin is the main focus. Our history tells us that identification through skin color is a strategy when different colored skin folks are in proximity. What we also know is that skin color is used as a priority of hierarchy when threats, whether real or imagined, are expressed. When you take the color of one's skin out of the equation, like when there are no different colored folks in a region where only one particular skin color is dominant, then we see a different hierarchy of dominance revealed. So the color of one's skin is used as a strategy to maintain an advantage of some sort and if not skin color then some other perceived differential takes it's place. So the underlying factor within all the discriminatory practices is fear. Some learned through odd encountered experiences but mostly through our customs of child rearing that are influenced by ancient perceptions. The Caucasian race has had a dominant role in shaping societies for the past few millenniums but that time is coming to a close. We are becoming more multicultural and that is a good thing. Remember how America was hailed throughout the world as the melting pot? Well that dynamic is more in play now in ways that directly effect our race identification. We are becoming less a race based society in many ways and the trend toward just being members of the human race is closer at hand. As it should have been all along.  

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Relentless (#1658)

Some people doing harmful things to other people never takes a day off, nor should I in my quest to see our society rectify itself to those who would do harm for gain as an intention. I at times get weary of the constant attempts of some to confuse, obfuscate and distract most of us from doing the naturally best thing that we all can be proud of. We are in this existence and therefore must appreciate the fact that all of us share some duty to each other in that regard. One duty is respect and nothing less than that will ever propel us forward to new horizons that include our species' most admirable traits. We are not just predatory animals whose only goal is to survive beyond any perceived threat. We are an enlightened species whose limits have yet to be defined. For those few who think that we are just the vicious animals we have always been seem not to understand our history. We evolved from the simple needs of survival on our planet to a complex organism that may now come to inhabit all the Universe. That is our destiny provided that we care for each other as much as we care for ourselves. Our natures are our best attributes and I say our true natures are caring and wondering. The proof is all around us. Yet we still find ways to cleave ourselves from each other in ways that have their genesis in myth, more, ancient custom and superstition. When we decide to let go of the past with it's restrictive unnatural bindings and embrace our future with the best of who we are is when I can take a breath and actually truly enjoy the fruition of who we are and where we can go from there.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The bunker mentality (#1657)

I choose not to have the bunker mentality. I don't mind at all some quiet peaceful time but not at the expense of missing out on life. One thing maturity does help all of us to understand is that life is too short to be playing defense with it. Certainly we all need to protect ourselves in some ways but not to the point of barricading ourselves away from the movement of life around us. It really does all boil down to what our outlook is and if it is upbeat then we are far more likely to share that positiveness with others. If however we are sternly closed minded and unforgiving we are far more likely to shutter away from those who would call us on it. We all have problems that if they are not overwhelming at least feel like they are. Embarrassment about how our lot in life has turned out is natural and something every one of us endures. It is not an excuse to hide away from the world while being afraid of any new change that is unfamiliar. Fear and shame can do that to us, make us feel like we have to get what we need in order to pull out of society and live the rest of our lives as if we are on an island. The problem with that is that we are not "hard wired" to being isolated. We need new experiences in order to satisfy our nature of curiosity. We are biological data processors and if anything data processors need constant information in order to being most effective. Being human is a special phenomenon and wasting any of the limited time we have not securing the most out of life is just an unwise conclusion. Our society as presently formed doesn't do as much as it could for the sake of our opportunities and experiences and finding ways to improve on that requires that we get out in society and experience it first hand.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Keeping my eye on the ball (#1656)

It is so easy for me to get distracted and lured into things I on hindsight wish I hadn't. I keep a schedule of sorts to help me stay focused on what is important to me. Although my best intentions are powerful they can be side tracked through inconstant attention on my part. All of this to say in essence is that if I don't know who I am and what purposes I have it is difficult if not impossible to maintain a course of life that brings much happiness. Happiness is my goal and although our present society is frustrating and inhibits our pursuits of happiness more than it should, I still find times of great peace and satisfaction. Plateaus in my life they may be and welcome they are, they are not the end I pursue. I have dedicated the rest of my life to helping make our existence and the future of our existence a more virtuous dimension. Why does it matter to me what happens to others while I am alive and after I am gone? It has to do with my dual nature, to care and to wonder. It is the caring part that drives me to want to help others and it is the curious part that fuels my need to know what helps make life better for all of us. I also have a nature to survive but that nature is entwined within my other two major natures, care and wonder. It is who I am to want to stay on a laser focus for enlightenment and innovation and their implementation into our regular course of activities. If I keep my eye on the ball I am only being who I am and those distractions that come by and by are just reminders to me of how important my focus must remain.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Cause and effect (#1655)

What we are seeing all around us is the effect of a somewhat dysfunctional society that cannot distinguish between why we are what we are as opposed what we could be if things were much better. I don't hear this from closed minded people who can only see the effects of despair and what being downtrodden can do to people. They don't realize that no one wants to be less than they are but the options life has given them have been wanting. They think that everyone should be better than what behavior they display and that when they act in ways that are disapproving to them, those others are just bad people who could have made better choices from a myriad of offerings. Not true! The people I refer to are those who only see the effect in people's behavior and not the cause. Somehow they are led to believe that noble intent only extends to their own choices and have little regard for those who have much tougher life decisions to endure. I am saddened by a class of people who can only find the wrong in people's lives without looking deeper to see what caused those wrongs. Institutionally, we can do better, but this concept is not a factor in how some people negatively view others. I can only take so much of a single perspective lacking in depth. Ignorance is not a value and those who cling to it are either in fear or are too selfish to do otherwise. Either way many of these types of people exist around us and living with them and their shortsightedness is always a challenge for me. I keep plugging away at them offering them some new ways to think but whether they even hear is me questionable. Onward ho though. 

Sunday, August 11, 2013

If Karma exists (#1654)

I don't even bother trying to deny Karma as an existence. For me it does exist, whether that is true or not. I like to keep my mind and spirit in a place where everything that I am or are going to do must be accounted for. Most believe that at death we are no longer attached to our living choices and decisions, for me though I think that somehow we are and what we do when we are alive follows us even in death. I know it does sound ludicrous given what we know about science but some things about science we have yet to fully comprehend when it comes to the link between life and death. Regardless, personally for me, I just think that what we do when we are alive reflects our soul's desires if we listen to it. My soul may live on beyond my life in this existence and if it does I am only doing here today what I feel is the continuum of what and who I am. I made plenty of mistakes early on in my life but I have matured from those choices and rectified them in ways that express my true self. I can admit I was wrong in being more selfish than selfless. I can admit that harming others for the sake of pettiness and advantage was wrong. I can admit that letting my ego rule my life as if I were a demigod was wrong and all that that entailed. In my opinion, a lot of the dashed/fulfilled hopes and dreams of mine are the other end of Karma coming back and completing the cycle with me and that is how it should be. I may have learned and moved on from my youth's foolishness but the consequences of those decisions will continue to come around until my slate is cleared. I accept that and find peace within the idea that everything is inversely proportional to some equal balance.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

An honest society (#1653)

The goal of every society within civilized behavior should be to search out and expose reality wherever it is in the best interests of those who live within those societies. Not everything can be open for exposure but most everything else can be. the hallmark of liberty and an equal/just society is it's right to expression. We all have a voice and we should all have the right to express that voice. However, there are certain times when expressing our voice should be restricted. Such as the infamous yelling fire in a crowded place where no such fire exists, or when some of us purposely tell lies to others for purposes that undermine our right to the truth. This is the subject that interests me most at this moment. The truth of things is how we all get to understand what is best for our society. When we are not given the truth under the guise of those who put themselves up as 'truth tellers" then we all suffer from the confusion and misdirection that most assuredly will follow. Our society must reflect the most sincere attempts to deliver the truth in an honest way or we all are left with a society that has a shifting and weak foundation. We are the masters of our society and we have the tools to shape our society so what we citizens do with that responsibility is ultimately the definition of what type of society we are. Will we value altruism and truth as our guide or will we settle for confusion and greed? It really is a simple perspective I am trying to present here, we are who we think we are or we are who we settle for being. Personally, I am for building upon the great values of virtue as my guide and hopefully the next generations will be able to see the truth of what that actually means.

Friday, August 9, 2013

It is easy to make excuses (#1652)

When I wanted something or I wanted to do something that goes against logic and common sense I usually could find a way to make an excuse for myself so that I got to do whatever it was that I desired to do or achieve what I wanted. Making excuses had become somewhat of a pastime not only for me but for many around me. Now I can say that I have restricted myself from being so selfish and now making excuses is not an option when logic and common sense dictate something different than my desire. I have given over my will on such enticements that caused me such dilemmas in the past. For everything has a cost and being illogical has a way of coming back, like Karma, and bite me hard when I least could be bitten. So making excuses is not a subject I even entertain in my mind anymore. I accept reality for what it is and move on from there. I may want to change reality and make life different in better ways but I cannot shirk the responsibility to recognize reality and move from that point. So no lying, cheating or stealing to obtain my goals and for that I am a better person. When I do have to make an excuse it is around the idea that I am asking for forgiveness for some failure on my part, not for some gain. I have found that there are no shortcuts in life, instead there is just doing things the right way and then moving on. Making an excuse should be hard and if it is then you know you are trying your best not to be selfish or to fail.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Why I care (#1651)

Something within me calls out for fairness and justice. I can't describe where it comes from other than to say it comes from the core of who I am. I have been harmed by unfairness and injustice so I know what it is to be personally harmed. My outlook is that I can define myself within a system that gives all of us the same chances to do so but when that system is rigged for some and blocked for others then I have a problem with that. What I know about myself is that when I have a problem I am in search of a solution. It is the natural curious side of me that kicks into gear when I have felt the condescension of inequality. My curious nature has many other areas of interest that come instinctually when things are fair and just but even more so when I am in search of a solution that needs to be found to alleviate the thoughts and actions of unnecessary institutional harm. I care because it is who I am as a human being. My life is a testing ground that should reflect the same types of opportunities for others. Even though I have been denied some opportunities myself, no one should have to feel the debasement of unworthiness. I will continue to stand and fight for solutions to problems I can identify and my life won't be any less happy. My nature tells me that although things are imperfect they can be improved upon without destroying what we have already achieved toward alleviating the ill constructs of our civilization. Why I care is more about doing something right in life than it is about not doing something right in life.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Sweeping out the false ideologues (#1650)

We are coming up on a new national election in a little over a year and the time is upon us to realize that there is a party in office that wants nothing to do with creating laws that benefit the majority of Americans. The Republican party is bent on the idea that keeping the wealthiest among us in the same or more wealthy state is their cause to fight for. It would be a good cause if all of us were wealthy but we are not so their idea only helps about 1% of our population. The other 99% of us are left with the other party, the Democrats fighting for our betterment. Now the Democrats are not perfect and some of their members in office actually help to undermine the 99% cause of betterment but for the most part the Democrats, especially the progressives are our champions. While Republicans are working to restrict voting where people traditionally vote for Democrats, the rest of our base needs to come out and vote in 2014 like it is a presidential election. We Democrats cannot be innocent bystanders in any election anymore where Republicans have the possibility of gaining more power to subdue the working/middle/poor class while continuing to enrich the wealthy. The absolute imperative nature of reversing Republican power in politics is fueled by the Republican attack on the opportunities most of us need in order to share in the American dream. I hope all of us find within ourselves the resolve to stand and move forward into our futures like our right to have a say in our governance demands.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

We are not how others define us as (#1649)

Everyone who wants to define any of us has some agenda for it. Whether because of safety, security or advantage of some sort, no one can say with certainty who someone else is. We find out what a person is like or how a person may act by how they acted in the past. I barely understand the simple forms of who I am so for me to even try to define you or anyone else is a fool's errand, it cannot be done. We all want things in life to be some way or another but trying to get there by using a mechanism of illogic is unfortunate and counter-productive. The complexities that make up our lives cannot be definitively evaluated by someone else when they see actions. We generalize for sure and that does seem to come close to putting us in categories but still those categories are not compartmentalized. We shift in our understandings given the unique circumstances we encounter daily. Some of us are less movable in our attitudes and that is sadly a static concept not worth having. We must all stand on virtuous principle and allow those virtuous principles to be our foundation but from there none of us is predictable or should we be. When nefarious intent is on display a course of action can be interpreted but that still does not define who we are. The human species, all of us humans individually retain a uniqueness that is both priceless and confusing. When we are not under the idea that we have lost our right to think for ourselves in a universal way, we are both startling and surprising in ways that would nor should ever be categorized through simple definitions. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Our emotional persuasions (#1648)

Think about this for a moment. We are driven by our reactions to things. Usually we think about things before reacting but many times we react before thinking as well. The reason we react before thinking is that we are emotional and our emotion is highly valued. Not always are our emotions a great guideline though because they can cause us tremendous difficulties when they are not channeled or controlled in civilized, behaviorally acceptable ways. The point being is that we are emotional within our essence and knowing that we are a species more than inclined toward emotional behavior is insightful. We care about things that matter to us, not just in a logical sense but in a way that satisfies some basic instinct within our makeup. From that point to the next is that we are instinctive emotional beings. So any conclusion about our purpose in existence must include how we "feel" about what life is. Not our mental outlook on life but our emotional outlook. We see what is going on around us and it effects our soul in ways that are definite and definable. Just the utility of logic and common sense to serve as our equations for building our society is not enough. We must also factor in our understanding of what the nature of our emotions is telling us. We are not the hardened creatures who can look upon destruction of empathy and selflessness as virtue, on the contrary, we find ourselves looking for ways to bestow some form of opportunity, equality or fairness to our society that involves bettering the bad and alleviating the suffering. Our souls demand an enlightened and caring character from each of us and it is our duty and our destiny to our species to provide it. 

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Solving a problem requires there to be a solution (#1647)

One cannot just say I am against something as a means for it being a solution. An alternative theory or concept must be forwarded as a replacement of something currently being used. The argument or debate on some new policy must back up the claim that the proponent is making. I can't though just say leave it alone as a solution. Ignoring is ignorance and that we cannot abide. General statements like "this isn't working" must have some other "this" in mind as a replacement otherwise their critique is nothing more than complaining without offering another solution. There are many in our society who sit back and complain without offering another solution outside of doing nothing. We all could do nothing but then nothing would ever get done. Only serious people offer improvements based upon logic and common sense and only non-serious people offer no solutions except to do nothing. Instead of these do nothing critics just doing nothing maybe they should roll up their sleeves and get to work helping improve the current policies we are trying or get busy working on imagining and creating a better policy. Now that is if they really care, otherwise just complaining is their way of doing nothing as an intent. There are many people out there who don't realize that we must all have some occupying activity attached to our lives to make us feel a part of our society. Finding new policies that don't include doing nothing or improving the policies we have is the best we can do at the moment and that is right and good. 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Pinprick of the heart (#1646)

When nothing else is in it's place a void will try to find meaning of some form. Not always right but something must fill the space. Such it is with strong emotional feelings. Dwelling on the past does me no good but in lieu of something in it's place here I am. Oh well, it is best to let it go and think about other things while my emotions go back to a more quiet state. Life is like that, if we don't find something of the same nature to fill our lives we will stew in what could have been or what would never have been. Who knows but such idle imaginings are of no value and thus need no further consideration, at least that is what logic tells me. However my emotions have never been much for following the rules of logic, instead they operate on some otherworldly force that evades my describing it. Normally I would not have delved into this subject but the realness of it defies me to ignore it. Faced with agreeing with the logic of ignorance I have no chance therefore here I am discussing my frailty like it is running water. As my mind and soul rumble through my past I am reminded of my many faults and the 20/20 hindsight I now have as opposed to the inept consciousness I had back when. There is some salve for my wounds in that I am not the only one who has failure as his prize since so many like me have a same tale of woe. Misery does love company if for only a moment and then again I am reminded that our species has so very far to go in mastering our thoughts, emotions and behaviors. For now I will move on from my contemplation of what could have been to what may still be able to occur, just like hope prescribes.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Imagine a better world (#1645)

I suppose that is my dilemma, I saw the world when I was growing up and the view from then is still about me. Nothing much has changed in the many decades since my first understandings. What is wrong is that we are not evolving in our society very much and that is what troubles me most. It seems that there is an infection of greed that has surpassed community. We can't even get some of our national politicians to improve our roads, highways and bridges. As if letting our country fall apart is a symptom of their remedy. I ask myself is this the 1960's or the 2010's? Where has much of any progress gone and at what cost to our civilization are we willing to let happen to placate those who think that not knowing is of more value than knowing? I will say this here again, we are living breathing data processors. We input information from our 5 senses and then use our brain to reason, analyze and conclude. For us to not know is against the very nature of the human being. I state here in this blog and as a foundation for all my writings here that we are of 3 natural instincts, curiosity, compassion and survival. If we were to not know, or to care about each other, how would we exist together? If we only had survival as a natural instinct, how would we ever advance beyond the most brutish characteristics? There is no logical argument for allowing an end to progress. We must, and by our very natures, will continue forward into an even brighter enlightenment regardless of those who have the power to obstruct our movement forward. Our whole purpose in our individual, and in our collective existences is to create a dimension that reflects the best of what our natures should reveal. 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

A better place (#1644)

For too much of my life I saw the world around me with all it's problems and all it's unfairness and I just became cynical and said to myself "why bother"? Why bother with what you may ask. Well I wanted to live in a world that made sense and everyone had the best of what things could be. The naivete of my initial innocence was shattered with my growth and maturity. Not because it is normal to have one's innocence shattered but because of the hopelessness others expressed instead of a determination to make things better. I feel into the trap of pessimism and instead spent too much of my early life being selfish and perpetuating the problems that continue to surround us. I was lucky to have broken my, until then, deeply seated pattern of despair filled behavior and reconciled myself with the innocence I had lost because of it. I now see life through the eyes of the child that still lives within me and for that I am in a better place. No longer do I despair over the perpetual wrongs that exist around me instead I just make a determined effort to understand and explain them in a way that allows for me to find solutions to advocate for. I am not wallowing in cynicism looking to find what there is for me, I am rather uncaring about what is in it for me and look instead to what is in it for our species. I have a greater purpose in life and what is amazing is that by trying to do the good and right thing for all I am actually doing good for myself.