Friday, August 16, 2013

Assimilation is our key (#1659)

In the past the color of one's skin often reflected the stature one held in societies throughout the world. There were and still are horrible examples of the color of one's skin being the determining factor in how one is forced to live one's life. Of course our gender roles have the same antiquated problems but for today the color of skin is the main focus. Our history tells us that identification through skin color is a strategy when different colored skin folks are in proximity. What we also know is that skin color is used as a priority of hierarchy when threats, whether real or imagined, are expressed. When you take the color of one's skin out of the equation, like when there are no different colored folks in a region where only one particular skin color is dominant, then we see a different hierarchy of dominance revealed. So the color of one's skin is used as a strategy to maintain an advantage of some sort and if not skin color then some other perceived differential takes it's place. So the underlying factor within all the discriminatory practices is fear. Some learned through odd encountered experiences but mostly through our customs of child rearing that are influenced by ancient perceptions. The Caucasian race has had a dominant role in shaping societies for the past few millenniums but that time is coming to a close. We are becoming more multicultural and that is a good thing. Remember how America was hailed throughout the world as the melting pot? Well that dynamic is more in play now in ways that directly effect our race identification. We are becoming less a race based society in many ways and the trend toward just being members of the human race is closer at hand. As it should have been all along.  

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