Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Clinging to destructive practices (#1671)

I suppose the logic of those who would not change destructive practices goes something like this; "the evil you know is better than the possible evil you don't know". Fear is a mighty weapon of those who would not change. What those who are afraid don't understand is that change is the dynamic we are all about, so being afraid of who you are is anti-human. As time is our proof that change is constant many of us somehow ignore this to the detriment of those of us who don't. Let me be very clear here, we are all in this together. We live on the same planet in the same dimensional reality and we all share in the evolution of our history. None of us is purely only an individual, we are all by-products of those who came before us. Yet many choose to ignore so much of reality and try to force the rest of us to accept their flawed thinking as wisdom. I am frustrated to no end in sight by those scared individuals who anchor themselves to not changing as a way forward into our future. Fear is the culprit and them allowing fear to rule their thinking is perplexing. The gift of life is not eternal, we all have limited time to express ourselves as humans and to not being human is deplorable. Humans advance into the unknown with courage and boldness because we have the belief that our natures of caring and curiosity are worthy of growth throughout the Universe. We are a formidable species whose era has just begun and for us to be held back by those who are gripped in fear is presently our shame.

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