Monday, August 19, 2013

Deconstructing America (#1662)

A little more political today in that I see around me policies by Republicans that are intent on reversing progress in our society here in America and around the globe. Instead of sharing and creating wealth for all of our citizenry, Republicans are motivated to concentrate wealth into the hands of a few as a philosophy. They have forgone the notion of community as some bad or evil human endeavor that can have nothing positive to offer that can't be had by creating a master/slave type existence. Somehow the greed and power of being "King of the Hill" has permeated their thoughts and actions to a point of no return. Their idea of lifting those out of poverty is to be disdained and instead a policy of turning their backs on humanity is to be congratulated. Republicans have embraced the idea that "survival of the fittest" is the only solution to society's function. They revel in the idea that "freeloaders and takers" will finally get what they deserve, nothing! That is the problem with them, their view of life here in America is through the lens of their own making, not a true reflection of reality. Yet they have consolidated enough power to force their will upon the rest of us if we are not vigilant in protecting our rights. As a metaphor, Republicans are like those crazy people who move into a house and disconnect the innovations that make the house modern and instead live as if they are in a bunker. They live in fear of everyone else and when and if they can control everyone else is when they think life is as it should be.

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