Thursday, August 22, 2013

I am defined by what I do (#1665)

My words mean nothing and neither should anyone else's words mean anything either, at least not until they are describing what I have done. That old saying of "my word is my bond" is less true then ever. Witness politics, where deception by the usage of words is a common occurrence. We have to look beyond the words of those who are trying to get something from us, we have to look at their track record and we have to look at who they associate themselves with. The idea of good intentions is less an ideal in practice so we must protect ourselves from those who would rather lie to us than tell us the truth. What kind of existence do we want to live in? We must endeavor to make that vision we have within all of us come to fruition as a duty to our purpose for living. we each have the right and responsibility to advocate and act on the best of our insights. For those insights that are less virtuous and harmful by nature we must let them go and move on to the better and best of who we are. If we allow our conscious to guide us and remember the purity of humility, we can succeed in living a life that reflects back to others the best of examples but we can also utilize our efforts to see who around us is objective, virtuous and principled enough to keep honesty as their highest priority. So many of we humans have taken to short cuts and dishonest approaches as a way to hide our ulterior motives. Sadly we all fall victim to these strategies when we do not stay vigilant to our own vision of a greater and more perfect existence.

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