Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I continue to pay it forward (#1663)

Today is a special day for me but I don't think of it as me being special. I think of it as my reminder that life has been quite a trip for me and it continues to be so. I also think that giving from myself is the proper order of the day in order to show my appreciation of all others have done for me. There is something naturally Karmic about keeping a level of existence that applauds nature and the wonder of our Universe. I don't know how all of it fits together but one thing I "feel" certain about is that it does all fit together. Much like we humans having no natural predator in the animal kingdom anymore yet I feel like there is some unseen and unknown force that still has sovereignty over us. Not so much the religious concept of a God but a spiritual one that transcends our current form. Regardless of that, I am one who senses that what comes around goes around so what I do today will likely enrich or befall my life depending upon how I live my life. I know this is not a hard and fast rule given all the chaos and atrocity that happens to many who deserve none of it, yet deserves has nothing to do with it either. On one level we can control certain aspects of our lives and on another level we are all victims or beneficiaries of serendipity or luck. On the level where I have some control is where I am able to decide how to reflect back to you who I am. I am not one to congratulate myself unless I am being facetious or one who looks to surround myself with glory or treasure. I am more likely to ignore the trappings of allure and instead keep my eye on the reality of the day. Paying my due to the future for the happenstance of my past and present is the best tonic for all that would or could ail me.

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