Sunday, August 25, 2013

Redeeming our virtue (#1668)

None of us get a pass on standing up for what is honorable and good. We must be held accountable for our commissions as well as our omissions. I see that as our problem here in america. We elect those who reflect our viewpoints but many of our viewpoints are narrowed. Not all of us are but too many of us. A lesson in what virtue represents would go far in how we must address our futures. We are not tied to the past and it's paradigms of less than greatly effective policies. We are new to this existence and come into it with old restrictions placed here by older thinking not as modern as we are. Certainly we need boundaries for our living behaviors but not for our equality, justice and fairness. If all are held to the same standard then all are equal to pursue unlimited happiness without causing harm. It is the degree of how we live that separates us not any condition that segregates. We need to be motivated to advance in life with the work of our own soul and not suppressed or excused from it. We have to have a respect toward others who live their life causing no harm so that we can appreciate the fruits of their efforts. Too much of the old way of doing things based upon status's has to be abolished and a new paradigm of degree to which on finds happiness must replace it. Merit is the key and no one should have anything that advantages them over others in any unfair way. Not all are born to be same so we have diversity of vision and allowing for all of us to have the opportunity to express that diversity of vision is our challenge. We have the ability to change reality but only if we want to have a better life.

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