Thursday, August 15, 2013

Relentless (#1658)

Some people doing harmful things to other people never takes a day off, nor should I in my quest to see our society rectify itself to those who would do harm for gain as an intention. I at times get weary of the constant attempts of some to confuse, obfuscate and distract most of us from doing the naturally best thing that we all can be proud of. We are in this existence and therefore must appreciate the fact that all of us share some duty to each other in that regard. One duty is respect and nothing less than that will ever propel us forward to new horizons that include our species' most admirable traits. We are not just predatory animals whose only goal is to survive beyond any perceived threat. We are an enlightened species whose limits have yet to be defined. For those few who think that we are just the vicious animals we have always been seem not to understand our history. We evolved from the simple needs of survival on our planet to a complex organism that may now come to inhabit all the Universe. That is our destiny provided that we care for each other as much as we care for ourselves. Our natures are our best attributes and I say our true natures are caring and wondering. The proof is all around us. Yet we still find ways to cleave ourselves from each other in ways that have their genesis in myth, more, ancient custom and superstition. When we decide to let go of the past with it's restrictive unnatural bindings and embrace our future with the best of who we are is when I can take a breath and actually truly enjoy the fruition of who we are and where we can go from there.

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