Friday, August 30, 2013

Saving face (#1673)

This is a tough one. usually it requires us to admit we made a mistake and then pay a debt of some sort as a penance for our error. The example of our criminal justice notwithstanding, is somewhat a primary example. But for most of us it is more about our choices of intellectual reasoning, whether valid or not, that has us in difficulty at times. I am not so bad with admitting mistakes since I have had lots of practice. lol. However, having admitted to my many mistakes has given me a wisdom about things that has allowed me to make less mistakes as my life has moved along and although I do not recommend the trial and error method as the greatest learning tool it can be an effective one if one actually outlasts the many lessons. We are human and although we are all gifted with some measure of ego, some of us are so egoistic that even the idea of admitting a mistake is seen as a weakness and not to be acknowledged. So here is where I am with this subject, those who are philosophically incapable of admitting to any error in action and or judgement. What this does to us is allow for a nonsense to permeate our culture among some heavy weight power and political figures. This as well leaves the rest of us who are of a common sense and logic to see the truth of a thing with a lingering consensus among those who are not that we are wrong somehow. Despite our best efforts to argue facts with facts we are up against a stubbornness of philosophy that cannot allow for truth regardless of it's fact. That saving face is an option and one we should all allow to those who are willing, there are still those who would not broach it as a duty to some imaginary illogical conception.

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