Sunday, August 18, 2013

There has to be a maximum cap on individual and corporate wealth (#1661)

There are only so many resources on this planet and when only a few control the outcome of how those resources are allocated the rest of us are inconsequential. When a democratically controlled system has the reins of resources then we all have a chance to have a say in how our planet operates as to social and economic function. When we the people decide policies that affect us all we can then use the common logic of community and opportunity to guide us. What we are currently experiencing is a dwindling of community power and a strengthening of individual and corporate power. Soon if the trends hold we will all be beholden to a a few telling us what our policies will be instead of all of us having a say in the direction of policies. We are in essence giving over our right to decide in whole to assuage the power grab by a few wealthy individuals and entities. Before we hit the point of no return we must all have a moment of understanding that because someone or something that is represented by someone has power and wealth does not give them the right to decide how our democratic society should function. It seems that when souls and entities get great power and wealth they mostly grow a huge ego as well. As if the machinations of unjust economics makes them above and beyond their individual self. Economics is not the rule by which we are measured. We are measured by our best intentions backed by virtue. Money and power are enviable but only if they are justly achieved and justly shared with those whose work helped to create the possibility.  

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