Friday, August 23, 2013

Why not? (#1666)

This existence is the way it is despite all of us wanting it to be better. Not that it is overall a hellscape, but the reality is that there is too much wrong that just keeps on going being wrong. So why is it that we are unable to change everything for the better? First, there are institutions set up to retard change without having to go about a slow and struggling process. Second, there are those who defend their advantages so much that combating against them causes many of us real and dangerous harm. Third, we are all not informed enough to understand that when we all get on the same page we can easily overcome the first and second obstacles. This reality has been ours for the making of since time for our species began. We have acquiesced our power to concepts of fear instead of laughing in the face of fear. I know what it was like for me when I was young. I felt that I deserved to live a full life and anyone who would gamble with my safety felt my wrath, yet I was wrong. None of us deserves anything more than another and there are no guarantees that life should exist at all. However, our species has evolved enough for us to understand that the future is where the real promise of a more secure and exciting life exists. What I like to think is that despite our current era of generally not being as informed as we should be, that future is today and beyond. There is enough understanding for even those who are not aware of it, that they too can realize their dreams of their youth. Why can't we have a more perfect existence? All it takes is for everyone to agree that we all deserve the right to try.

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