Thursday, October 24, 2013

All we have is right now (#1728)

Coming to grips with knowing that in the next moment we may not exist is not an easy comprehension. We instead try not to think about it out of some mangled sense of self-preservation. However, by ignoring the truth of the thought does not make it go away or help us decide how to live our lives. The honesty of it must be a huge factor in how we choose to live. Those who dismiss it as irrelevant are already gone past reasonableness in their life plan. They have constructed a life pattern that doesn't entertain the notion that they won't be in it. By doing that what they have done is disregard reality and what is happening today in this moment as inconsequential to them and their goals. It helps insulate them from the obvious pain and suffering in our world to the point of it having no effect on their lifestyle. Which is a huge problem for those of us who are ready to more than give of ourselves to correct the problems in our societies. Some of us see the fragility of life and know the depths of it's human anguish but we are stymied by those who choose not to see or know the ongoing turbulence of what opting out of the truth creates. The machinations of some who would be kings and queens are enough of a barrier to thwart the honest attempts to rectify social dysfunctions. Thus here we are in a society that ignores reality and then blames the world for not being like them. The fervency needed by all of us to live our lives as if there will not be another breath is still waiting to be realized, hopefully it won't be a catastrophe that wakes us up to it as catastrophes are inherently species exterminators. 

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