Sunday, October 27, 2013

Life interrupted (#1731)

It is stark when something happens close to our hearts that shake us a bit and take us out of our previously important routines. We get at the least a glimpse of ourselves as to what are our priorities in life. Our little daily desires all seem to take a back seat to the shock of the moment. Hopefully we take advantage of our insightful perspective and change some things in our lives that bring less routine and more meaning. I know it is captivating to insulate ourselves from the discomforts of life when we can but while it does offer us sanctuary it denies us major parts of the actual good living of our lives. The control we strive for needs to be balanced with the openness to new adventures and thought processes. We, none of us, have arrived to a place where we can hang our hats on the knowledge we have as enough. We are a species specifically designed to learn and grow. Nothing about that is disputable, so while we do shelter ourselves from the motions outside our control, for the most part, we are not inherently adaptable to that. We need the movement and unpredictable chaos in our lives as part of the panoramic nature we exist within. We must allow for ourselves to be a part of each other's lives so that we don't miss a chance to grow from each other. As I know I am unique I also know that every one else is unique as well. Given that it is natural, we need to stay about with each other when possible instead of finding ways to remove ourselves from each other. It is our human legacy and good for us to do so.

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