Thursday, October 31, 2013

Our loyalty must be to our species (#1735)

I am constantly appalled at seeing people put their loyalty toward concepts over people. It is amazing to me that when we think of things humanity is not the basis from which we begin. It is as if we take ourselves for granted and don't consider how our ideas affect our species. Some even go deeper into the weeds by not only not figuring our species in total but only in some discriminating way that benefits some and harms many more. The unadulterated ego that some display is astonishing in that we are all born with no clue and learn from those before us. We then all die off in some time frame so that for any of us to think we are some sort of higher intellectual immortal is insanity. We are all here in this existence together for what purpose no one knows and I mean no one knows! So instead of trying to compete to see who knows best why don't we just work together in some intelligent way that reduces harm and increases happiness? That should be our motto throughout the world and it should start right here in America that was founded upon that very same principle. The ignorance as to our genetics and our prejudices about those same differences in DNA coding have little to do with reality and more to do with hate. If hate is to be a virtue than prove how it is! I demand that you do otherwise reflect on your thoughts, actions and behaviors and then justify them to yourself in a logically acceptable way. We have little time on this planet to be playing at being alive when the actual living of life in a productive exemplifying way continues to slip away each day we keep on expounding life's illusion.

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