Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The greater good (#1720)

I would step in front of a train if that is what it takes to save someone who is helpless and in immediate danger of death. I know myself well enough and have actually done something similar already. My nature is to be a hero. lol. Although I am nowhere near one. That doesn't change how I feel about others when they need help from me in a real and desperate way. So it is with policies our country tries to implement. I would sacrifice some good of mine for a better good for many others any day. I can see the value in living less well off so that others can live better than the worse I have. In my mind I have always felt like a man who could survive under any circumstance out of my own sheer force of will. It is a quality that both enhances my abilities but also harms them. Truly, I try to use the power of my will to do what is right in life but I had not always thought that nobly. I used my force of will to feed my ego and for that I will always be ashamed, however that was the past and lessons learned. When living in a society of a huge proportion, nothing will be absolute in it's fairness of application. There are too many variables with too many individuals. So some moderation of outcome must always be the case. We can limit different outcomes with wise planning but not even then will things expose themselves as completely fair. That is okay with me since the price we pay to be in a civilized society must be borne at times. Most get the benefit and some get the cost. It is how we continue to move forward. Those that bear the cost sometimes are not used to sacrificing and sometimes their voices scream from all corners. It saddens me that the best of who we can be is cursed by those who cannot abide sacrificing in the name of progress. I am not one of those, instead I am one who is willing to give a bit of myself in order for others to have as well.

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