Tuesday, October 15, 2013

There is sense among the chaos (#1719)

The essence of this blog is to try to argue that we are creatures who have a specific set of natures. We also have the ability to sense and reason. Taken together it is simple for me to understand now my purpose in this life and for that fact all of our purposes together. We are a caring, wondering, driven to survive species who have the ability to sensory perceive, and then to reason, analyze and conclude. We are the best of what exists in nature. We have a choice to make, shall we deliver on the reality of who we are or shall we continue to muck about building and destroying as we deem satisfying? I for one am ready to put what is best about our species to test. It seems to me that when we are all in the same understanding of what it is to be a human being we would have little difficulty marshalling our capabilities toward goals that inspire us. Our first goal is to understand our surroundings. We seem to have a good handle on that as far as the planet we live upon. As to the boundaries outside our planet we are less certain. Which thus makes understanding the space outside our planet our next priority. We care and we wonder and through these two formidable instincts we find our destinies. Everything else is just marking time for some purpose that makes little sense. The science and technology needed to enhance our capabilities is within reach and with the proper emphasis aimed at all of our species', surely we will have what we need to continue into outer space in short order. The priority must be given however and the longer we dawdle on this mother Earth the less chance we will have of knowing the unknown and moving wonderingly and caring toward it's inception.

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