Tuesday, October 29, 2013

We must have state of the art schools for teaching our children (#1733)

I cannot emphasize enough how much our children depend on activities that enlighten them and hold their interest. Everywhere I look I see struggling schools that are barely keeping what students do find intellectually stimulating. The purpose of our civilization is to progress from our humble individual roots of millenniums ago. We have done that in significant ways but our journey to master knowledge and apply it is woefully short at this time and space in our history. Not that we can't do it but that we won't. For all kinds of more self serving reasons. A sense of duty to our species has been confused and lost by many and in it's place stands a more self centered motivation. Our processes for being busy on our planet have become out or their hierarchical priority. Where destroying is profitable and building is seen as not needed. I am a bit dumbfounded by the loss of vision embracing the best of who we are and that expressed in real actionable ways. Surely there is a cancerous element that has inflicted our social, economic and political body politic and the sooner we rationalize it and reasonably dissect it from ourselves the faster we can get back to creating the types of paradigms that celebrate opportunity and equality through learning and growing. I long for the day when our species sees ourselves as a community of people worthy of all of our destinies being fulfilled. What a remarkable future we could have if all of us are given the tools to learn and master this existence around us in ways that we all benefit from.    

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