Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Fear is not be our motivator, curiosity is (#1839)

The Republicans think that if we all are in fear of our lives we would be a better society. Their logic goes somewhat like this; if we have no social safety net then we will work harder to make sure we have what we need to survive. In a perfect societal structure this logic is still wrong. Some don't have the mental stability to take care of themselves and others are too old, too young, too weak and too infirmed to take care of their own needs. Now we don't live in a perfect world so it is even harder because right now there are not enough job opportunities to go around for everyone. Not only that the ones who control the currency are not in a sharing mood unless we know someone or are willing to mortgage everything we have in order to secure a loan. Now those who already have currency can surely get more easily, but the many who don't are less fortunate in trying to start a venture. So although Republicans like to think in the abstract that fear is a great motivator, what fear is in reality, is quite different. It is a depressing, soul crushing experience when being felt in conjunction with no solution. We Democrats have a different perspective on what motivates our citizens best to build better lives and that is education. When we release the curiosity within ourselves we begin to change our outlook on what is possible not only for ourselves but for those around us. Our imaginations are expanded which not only serves to create new ideas about our current society but also about our future one. Fear is a tactic of those who cannot envision the possible, instead it is their way of maintaining their own sense of status quo. Well we are not about marking time, we are about advancing into time and space with all the care and curiosity we can generate.

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