Monday, February 3, 2014

Humble pie (#1830)

Tastes so good when I know it is the right thing to eat. lol. I am in a constant mode of being reminded that life isn't about what I want but it is about what is right and good. The two with me are not joined at the hip so I have to be diligent about what I think and say and what upon reflection I end up doing differently. It is okay to admit when I am wrong, in fact it is how I best learn about my own thought process and what is truly a better way of thinking. I don't care about being humbled in that I have been humbled so many times in my life that it is more second nature than the exception. The intent of my actions will undoubtedly always come to the fore when I am questioned about my choices in life but regardless of any ego that may still cling to my psyche, I will get where I need to be as to what is right and good. What is even more exceptional is that I have Internet friends who will call me out on choices I make with unbiased interest while being kind enough not to smoke my ass as an incompetent. lol. The idea of community is never stronger than when many of us share our own knowledge with others with only the intent to improve our lives. It is always incumbent upon me to recognize the selfishness of my own position and regulate it toward a more inclusive outcome. Even when it only concerns choices I make for myself. I need to be an example of all the battles for good out there not just the ones that pique my own personal interest. Anyway, this morning has been good for my soul since I find that getting to be a better person is always more acceptable than demanding to be a lesser one.

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