Tuesday, February 25, 2014

If you are eligible to vote then vote! (#1852)

It is most irritating that folks who are eligible to vote in elections refuse to do so because they don't care enough about what is going on or they don't think their vote matters. Both excuses are wrong. For one not to care about what elections mean is for one to abdicate that what matters in life is only for others to decide. Which is wrong headed since we are all affected by the outcomes of elections. Especially in today's reality where a very polarized religious right crowd would subdue our democracy so that they could install a theocracy. Yes, a theocracy based upon biblical scriptures instead of being based upon democracy which promotes freedom, liberty, justice and equality. If you think that not caring about your franchise to vote is a solution then remember this, the same crowd that wants a theocracy over a democracy also wants to restrict your right to vote. Yes, your right to vote may no longer exist if these right wing conservatives win in the upcoming election. Maybe you think that your one vote is not worth all the time and effort it takes to actually learn the policies and cast a vote. Well, if life has proven one thing to me it is that remaining ignorant and not involving myself in the issues of the day leave me vulnerable to others who would try to define how my life is lived. The beauty of living in our democracy is that we all get to say what our lives could be like if we participate in our elections. If however we choose to let others think and act for us then don't complain when you find out that others have taken your rights and restricted your possibilities.

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