Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Intermittent moments of brillance (#1845)

I can say this much about how my mind works, it is sporadic when it comes to a light bulb going off in my head. I had an example of it this morning. I have been putting up with a start up issue on my computer for many months and although it was a minor issue, it was like a small sliver in my hand, it bothered me. Well this morning I had a thought, and through following that thought I fixed the minor start up problem and it is no more. Funny how after many months of an irritation, I was able to spend about 10 minutes of my time to rectify it. Why didn't that thought of how to fix it come to me earlier? Like I said, my moments of brilliance are intermittent. What I do take from this is that if I am patient long enough a problem does eventually receive a solution. The moral is comforting although not efficient. What I also take from this is that my mind locks into a perspective and is not quickly movable. In other words, I stay in a mental block on how to address a problem with my own convenience at stake far too long. I can't say that I am as mind blocked on issues that effect the rest of us but for myself I seem to give little mental effort to challenge my own dimensions where my own efficiency is concerned. That is okay though since I have learned to live with my self frustrations my whole life and again I have the fortune to learn the lesson of patience. Someday though I hope I can elevate my mind to solve, eventually simple and workable solutions that are easily applicable to my own personal problems. 

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