Sunday, February 16, 2014

My goodbye for posterity (#1843)

No, I am not going anywhere that I know of. However before I do leave this existence it is prudent of me to share that I will miss this existence. It is not a perfect existence nor has it been without mighty struggles at times, yet overall, I am glad I had a life here on Earth despite all my faults and the faults within our civilization. I wish I could have learned more about our Universe since it seems that exploring space outside our planet has come to no immediate priority for our species at the end of my life cycle, yet what I have learned is remarkable and has quenched my curiosity somewhat. I have enjoyed my youth and all the tumultuous emotions that experience afforded me. I have loved and I have hated to some degree as real feelings within me. Although the hated part is not recommended, the loved part is. I have found and experienced my passion for some people and for a few causes which served to define to myself who I am and what I am capable of. I still do carry many of my passions for others and for principles that soar my spirit. What I will miss are the sights and sounds this planet has offered. I will miss the taste of sweets and sours of all varieties and I will miss the touch and smell of the women who found themselves in my arms. What I will miss most of all though is my mind. I will miss the imaginations and creations of my inner thoughts that could have been more. While my body continues to fade from it's once sturdy frame, my mind keeps me as it always has, a young boy who found himself living in a world with unlimited possibilities if only it would be.

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