Thursday, February 20, 2014

Rebooting my spirit (#1847)

Everyday I wake up is a new reboot to my life and that is not new, but when I am not feeling my best during my waking hours I have found a way to "dump the funk" and start afresh. I do this through listening to the music that has touched my soul from the beginning of my life until now and beyond. There is something about harmonic waves that have a soothing and invigorating genesis on my spirit. I know I am not the only one since my experiences in life have shown me this, as well as helping me it does help others also. It is like music is a salve to whatever ails us for the most part. I would be remiss if I also didn't mention that being selfless also helps reboot me but for all the little annoyances in life that cannot always be easily cured through selflessness, there is always some music close enough to bring me out of whatever has temporarily sunk my spirit. It is as if the waves generated by the sounds of the music speak to my soul and allows my spirit to respond in a way that releases the angst and gives my being a refreshing. I interchange soul and spirit often since for me they seem to be "joined at the hip" with little distinction between them. I suppose my soul has a deep conscious for all things while my spirit is the effervescence of my distinct individualism. Regardless, they both have the responsibility of satisfying the care and wonder that make up who I am. So staying on top of my best nature is my goal and getting to the point of beginning to be my best is served well by the foundation of welcome music. 

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