Thursday, February 13, 2014

The absurdity of intentionally sabotaging the good (#1840)

Some people have to be right so badly that they are willing to destroy everything around them in order to find an excuse that justifies them. They are incapable of changing with the evidence and instead attack the messenger or the process of logic from whence the evidence is derived as a means to continue with their absurdity. Why is it that some of us can only see the world through a narrow field of view? It has a lot to do with their own sense of insecurity and their hold on to whatever they consider to be wisdom. No one likes to have their foundational beliefs questioned and then proven wrong, no one! However, it happens all the time to the best of us and although it is painful to realize that we are mistaken, it is far better to know as soon as possible so that we can make adjustments and continue moving forward. No one thinks less of a person who has learned a new concept to add to their overall perspective, but we do think less of those who refuse to learn for the sake of pride or misplaced faith. For those who choose to live in intransigence on the facts of reality, there is a consequence the rest of us must bear. We are all in this together and when some of us are not rationalizing through common sense and logic then the rest of us are stuck with nonsense and irrationality mixed with our progressive modernity. We all need to be pulling our proverbial oars in the right direction. When we don't the direction we are rowing becomes chaotic at best. One thing all of us need to remember and remember well, we are not the voice or mind of perfection. We are not the one and only in life. We are just a cog in the stream of life that has endured before us and will endure after we are gone.

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