Friday, February 21, 2014

The falsity of privilege (#1848)

It is to our eternal shame that too many of our societies nurture and protect the concept of privilege. By doing so we continue to subjugate those who are not privileged as lesser than and all that goes with that. Notwithstanding the hateful and cowardly comments of Republican spokesman Ted Nugent describing our President as a mongrel, a lesser species than himself, we continue to breed the nonsensical idea that equality is only for those who deserve it. Only the petty and fearful are capable of living in a paradigm where they must protect themselves from equality. No one human is better or worse than another human being unless of course we are comparing thoughts and actions. We are all the same based upon science and biology. So anyone or any organization that separates out humans from other humans based solely upon prejudice and fear, is false and not worthy of recognition. The absurdity of allowing equality to some while denying that same equality to another is an example of privilege as it is being practiced far too much. When it all boils down to whom is denying and allowing privilege, it is clear that like protects like, so when differences are observed based upon nothing more than appearance, like denies different. The only way to subdue and eliminate privilege is to order a system that has only simple rules to follow. Where all have a voice without constraint and all have opportunity without restriction. Privilege is a by-product of institutionalized fear and the dismantling of that same institutionalized fear is required through courage and force of will.

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