Monday, February 24, 2014

The theoretically wrong "right" (#1851)

I refuse to be sucked into the black hole that is the current conservative movement here in the United States of America. It makes no sense unless you consider what their policies aim to do. They want the overwhelming majority of Americans to fight and struggle over an ever shrinking piece of the American dream, of hard work and dedication to our hopes, on the more difficult chance that we can succeed in mighty ways. They are trying to rig the system even more so that those who have the sociopathy to put their own greed before community good can continue to live in the moment without regard to our collective futures. Conservatives have allowed their prejudices and their egos to dismiss reality to those who are not them with the excuse that those "others" are lazy and worthless "subhumans". As goes the Republican party so goes the idea that the "elite" are privileged with rules outside the law when it comes to their shortcomings while the rest of us are not. The conservative movement here in the US is not only stagnant but it is compulsively selective about it's backward thinking. From denying science in general to any policy that discounts capitalism over democracy. Conservatives are for religious teachings only if the religious teachings are beneficial toward the idea that individualism is sacred and community is an evil. How they pretzel themselves with their words to create the impression that they are righteous all the while destroying the very foundation of righteous living. Loving their brothers and sisters is not to be borne when the act of loving their brothers and sisters requires them to sacrifice anything they have "earned".

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