Friday, February 28, 2014

Wake up people! (#1855)

There is a real war for the soul of the American people going on in politics right now and most people seem to be unaware of it. Republicans are blatantly trying to wrest the levers of power and finance from the American people and most of us are just too busy in our lives to either want to know or to care at all. Why is that? Are we a stupid group of Americans? Don't we care about the quality of life we should be living? We have one of the most transformative Presidents in decades trying his heart out to keep our country from falling into economic ruin due to many previous Republican policies but he is also trying his best to lift our country out of an economic, via income inequality, calamity continuing to happen. Yet most people are disinterested or would rather just get their talking points from dishonest Republican politicians and their "news" outlets. I am so ashamed of our American people for being so lazy about the truth and the facts of the reality we all live in. I will continue to scream the truthful facts of things from the top of my lungs and stand ready to fight anyone who deliberately lies in order to destroy the democracy we all share. I know we are better than what we have shown so far and it is not too late to turn from the mindless distractions we occupy ourselves with and take the little time needed to ask questions about why we can't have what most the rest of the world are now already enjoying. Why can't we be the leader in good things for our people instead of the followers of Republican disciples who have nothing but gloom and doom for our citizens unless they are wealthy? Most of us are not wealthy but what we do want is to be happy and we can do that by waking up to the truth of what is going on around us and voting accordingly.

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