Saturday, February 8, 2014

We are all spiritual (#1835)

This is incontrovertible. All of us have some form of spiritualism that helps us to understand our connectivity to existence and possibly beyond. It comes from our conscious recognition and the one word we all subscribe to, why? "I think therefore I am"-Rene Descartes; is a concept that is not an absolute valid proof, as we could just be imagining we exist and that we can reason only in our imagining. However, it is sufficient for us to consider that we do exist and it then allows us to build from that. Within all of us is a soul, an entity that is not visible nor identifiable as to any part of our body, yet we know it is there within us. Our soul acts as our emotional compass, giving us joy and suffering in doses great and small. It is also that part of us that recognizes compatibility. We have each other to comfort and share with that our soul recognizes as necessary to our well being. There is a peaceful commonality to the knowledge that we are not alone in our existence. As our species continues to ask why, we start to understand that we were not just placed here on this planet out of nowhere. We are part of what is happening in the Universe and as well made up of the same energy that exists in the Universe. As such, we find that not only are we connected to each other through similarity and genetic code, we are also connected to existence through atoms and molecules. This is where our shared spirituality comes in. Now some of us transfer our spirituality into a form that resembles many religions of the world, and some others transfer their spirituality into a mixture of cosmic "stew", while still others consider no transference at all and instead refuse to identify any knowable understanding for their spirituality. Despite whether we interpret our spirituality or not, it is there within all of us doing what we need it to do to get through all the why's of this existence.

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