Saturday, February 22, 2014

What could we humans become? (#1849)

The thought of us not being like who we are now is rarely brought up in normal discussions but just how cool would it be for us to imagine what we could become like? Now most of us free thinking individuals of an enlightened persuasion believe that we humans have evolved over time to become who we are now. But if the same amount of were to elapse what would we humans appear to be and what abilities would we have? With all the technology and scientific advancements being discovered, we surely won't be like who we are now. The advancement of biological genetics along with artificially intelligent robotics, one could easily imagine themselves with a hybrid human body capable of extended longevity and increased durability. Now the ethics and morality of such thinking must of course have it's argument and surely that is proper and correct, but the advancing of time and discovery will not be placated. So in conjunction with the best of our natures our bodies may become much more applicable to living in this earthly existence and any other existence that awaits us in the Universe. Of course there will be religious objections about how we were created as we are and no one should "mess" with that, but religious objections of this nature cannot stand the scrutiny of facts and logic. I do appreciate the caution that religion forwards but not the grounds for it's foundation. We can achieve a greater "post" human species without losing the principles by which we live. Finding the good and the great about our caring and our wondering is still at the heart of whatever modified human species we could and I may say here, should become.

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