Friday, February 14, 2014

Why we celebrate (#1841)

Our lives are so complicated these days so it is necessary for us to have special calender days to celebrate the events in life that we can show the world. Given our own devices for remembering what is important to us many of us would likely fail on a consistent basis. That life is hard enough just getting from the beginning of one day to the end of that same day, it is good that we are reminded of why we strive so hard to make our lives better. So today is another of those days where we can honor our good fortune. When something good is attained or achieved it is of great value to share that with those who care enough to appreciate the success. We often lose sight of our values attained, but in keeping with a great tradition, we are afforded an opportunity to express our good fortune through a marked day to remember. These days that are set aside to celebrate what is best about our society are vital in that we in common can say to existence that despite the chaos and uncertainty of our futures, we appreciate the benefits we can assimilate now. These marked calender days highlight the natural instinct of our care for each other in special ways that spur our imaginations to even greater appreciation. When we have some special calender day for all that we value then we shall have achieved a bountiful life that demands to be known by all the world. The better and best of who we are continue to be the most purposeful way to live our lives and acknowledging those purposeful events is how we pass on our values for those who follow us to live by example or improve upon.

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