Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Would've should've could've (#1831)

No this isn't a grammar lesson, it is a sense of loss about what might have been. All morning I have been remembering a shared love affair with a girl I had about 40 years ago. She and I were split apart by her grandmother with a threat to me in no uncertain terms at all. Her Grandmother's threat to ruin my life, her granddaughter being 17 and me being 19 was real enough to work given the law and the grandmother's resources, would have been especially unkind to me, and sufficiently ended the bond of two young souls who had found in each other such exceeding comfort and care. We were easily separated since I was committed to where I was and the grandmother whisked the daughter away from any chance of ever seeing me again. A common enough tale I think but what eats at me is that despite my physical strength and resolved love for my girl, I couldn't stop the will and the wealthy power the grandmother moved against me. Why the grandmother had to do what she did surely was justified in her own mind. I could only think that our economic class status had everything to do with it. What the grandmother failed to realize is that both my girl and myself  saw no differences with each other. We only wanted to start out our lives together and bring forth whatever we hoped and dreamed for. I have had so many life lessons while I have been here on this planet and this is just another that has shaped the person I have become. I am not bitter toward the grandmother, however I do now defend against her type of actions wherever I see them. While we both moved on from our relationship, I know I have had the occasional reflection of what might have been. Maybe some day we will cross paths again and this time we won't have some meddling parent to destroy us. 

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